Unseasoned Log Sales


Please note that our current supply of logs are not suitable for immediate burning and need to be seasoned before use.


We have a year round supply of logs which are great for building wildlife habitats in your garden or for burning in woodburning stoves (see note at * below).  The wood is brought in to us by local tree surgeons and we then split it.  A very small amount may be from the Commons, but only if our Maintenance Team has been carrying out tree safety work.  


  • Car Boot/Hatchback - £40
  • Hatchback (seats down) and boot of an estate car, MPV and 4x4 - £50
  • Estate, MPV and 4x4 with seats down - £60
  • Vans or part loads by arrangement.

Payment should be made at the Ranger's Office before loading and is by cash or cheque only as we do not currently have card facilities.

Opening Times:

We are open 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week but would recommend avoiding lunchtime on weekends.


*Please note that the London Boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth, and parts of the Royal Borough of Kingston, are designated a Smokeless Zone and burning wood in these areas can be an offence under the Clean Air Act 1993.

The majority of the wood we sell is donated by local tree surgeons.  A small amount will come  from the Commons if we are carrying out tree safety work and the wood cannot be left in situ. All the money raised in log sales is used to support the protection and management of the Commons.

Wood Burning Stoves - Defra Approval

If you are resident in a Smokeless Zone, you should only burn wood in a DEFRA approved wood burning appliance. The stove can either be a dedicated wood burning stove or a multi fuel stove (which can also burn smokeless coal and other approved fuels). Drying Wood

To reduce pollution even further,  it is recommended that you stack your wood in rows in a dry location where there is good air can circulation. It normally take between six to nine months for your wood to be seasoned.

Firewood Ash

Every time you light a fire, you create a certain amount of ash. Don’t throw it away, add it to your compost, it is naturally alkaline and contains calcium. Wood ash also makes a great repellent for snails and slugs. So you don’t contaminate your soil, we suggest you cut an old piece of garden hose or pipe in half lengthways, lay it around the edge of a raised bed, then fill with ash.