June 2019 Newsletter - Events and Commons Update

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter.

What a difference in the weather between this year and last year!

On 22nd June 2018 we were officially in a heatwave; the Commons were tinder dry and our staff had serious concerns about fires.  This year, as we write, there are warnings for floods and thunderstorms.  Our weather is nothing if not varied from year to year.

Here on the Commons, however, we have welcomed the rain; many trees that were still struggling from last year's drought and the dry start to 2019 are recovering and the water level in the ponds is rising - both good for our resident wildlife.

Read on for information on forthcoming events and our latest news.

Unseasoned Logs for sale.

We currently have a good supply of unseasoned logs available and now is the perfect time to stock up and get them seasoned ready for next Winter.

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